Autumn wind up or wind down

Are you Loving this time of year 

I dont know about you but I absolutely love September and all it brings, as its coming to a close, I thought perhaps I would write a few lines about why I  love the Autumn months in Ireland.  My typical day starts with some form of exercise, wether its a run or swim or a hike along the cliffs, I feel it sets me up for the day. 

That morning freshness in the air, when you feel its not cold, but yet its not summer breezy.  The kids have gone back to school and suddenly the house is still again. No more doors slamming, no protests to get out of bed, just a stillness which is a slight bit eirie.  I always feel like September is a time when I should try and learn something new.  Maybe take up a course in the evenings or learn a language.  To be truthful the duo lingo app and me have broken up, something which I need to address. 

The rest of my day is taken up with design and looking after the runing of the business.  Being outside and taking in nature is very important to me, its where I find most of my inspiraton.  When I am alone in nature, I am able to make sense of things and put things right in my head.  In the evenings, its lovely to relax and take some time to read.  I am currently reading Donal Ryaan, The queen of dirt island, its story that captures the love of an Irish Mammy, I would highly recommed it. 

I am also reading Liane Moriarty, Apples never fall.  Liane is truly a gifted story teller, she grips you with her descriptions of family life.  This one is a real page turner for holidays. 



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