My Love For The Stars

Jo Harpur Jewellery

The Story for My Love For the Stars

Have you ever felt like a wanderer in the night, neither lost nor lonely, simply cherishing the silence in the trees and the deep, ancient wisdom that embodies the night. Often, I seek the silent guidance of the evening skies, a quiet place where I can reflect and meditate; gathering inspiration from a leading celestial light to point me on our way when I sometimes don’t know which way to turn. The safety of the North Star brings a source of courage and comfort that lends me trust and faith in the future. A way to find my very own and personal path in life. I pray that there will always be a bright light to guide you too on your way.

Story of The Sister Necklace (A Trio of Stars)

The Trio of Stars is a piece that I designed in honour of my three sisters. It is made to be worn as an amulet of love. A constant reminder of the special people in your life, they are never far from us. For you it may be your sisters, children or loved ones passed. For me it is my sisters, the support, friendship and love they give me, is like a blanket of security which is always around me.

It is made of sterling silver and plated in 18carat gold, it also has a bracelet to match and lots of my earrings from the Saoirse collection are made to be worn with it.

The Crescent Moon

Life around us is revolving, circulating, ever-changing. No two days are the same. Some days I find myself seeking riveting, breathtaking challenges, and some days I shy away from the light and simply yearn for a steadfast rhythm that keeps me knowing that, come what may, all will return to the same. All will be well. Just like the moon in the sky, our lives alter each day as it goes from day into night, adjusting to circumstances and changing as we grow. Life may place obstacles in our path which we might find hard to overcome but, rest easy, I know that all will come full circle and it be well, in the end.

The North Star

The safety of the North Star brings a source of courage and comfort that lends me trust and have faith in the future. The North Star has a way of reminding me of my mother and home. As a child she empowered me with a passion to do things right. She believed that if you were going to do a job, you must give it all of your heart, meaning 100 percent. The symbol of the North Star really reminds me of her and coming home, trusting in the north star to guide you on your journey in life. The piece is made of sterling silver and is plated in 18 carat gold. A lot of the earrings from my Saoirse collection are made to be worn with it. It is a very beautiful piece suitable for special birthdays or indeed brides and bridesmaids.