Still walking the tightrope of life, only now, surrounded by ​a little more beauty...

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Jo Harpur Jewellery Jewellery Collections

As a leading Irish jewellery brand, we put time and care into creating beautiful jewellery collections that are as unique as you are.  Here at Jo Harpur Jewellery, we do our utmost for you to be happy with your gift or purchase, helping you to feel glamorous, pampered, and pretty, as is every girl`s right to do so. All in all, we’re delighted to be at your service


Treat yourself to something worthwhile with a truly personal timeless piece from us. Remind yourself that you are incredible, that you are kind, gentle, and oh, so precious.

You, like the stones we select for our collections, are individual.

No two the same. Just like them, you are unique, exquisite, and irreplaceable. We are honoured to be part of your journey towards welcoming life and loving yourself deeply. All Jo Harpur pieces come beautifully gift wrapped and accompanied by a card telling the story of your jewellery.