Dúchas Collection

Jo Harpur Jewellery

Jo Harpur Jewellery Dúchas Collection

Inspired by the Irish word for heritage, dúchas, The Dúchas Collection is characterised by simple disks symbolising the circle of life. This range of beautiful Irish jewellery embraces all that we hold precious - our personal, familial, and national beliefs and values. As an Irish jewellery brand, I have created these pieces to be deeply Irish in nature. Each piece symbolises our personal and national love for Irish culture, traditions, aspirations, and all the learning that has been passed down from previous generations. The collection expresses our appreciation for education, religion, parenthood, and literature. It celebrates our respect for music, humour, loyalty and friendship, our joy in conversation and language. For Irish people all over the world, Dúchas defines who we are. When you wear this beautiful piece, may you be proud of your Irish dúchas and celebrate what it means in your life and in the lives of your family and friends.